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The owner, baker, and one-woman show behind the company, Mary Moyer, is a passionate member of the Durham food community, who started her company out of The Cookery in Durham, now bakes her products out of her Durham home-certified kitchen, composts with Compost Now out of Raleigh, and builds connections within the local food network whenever possible to sustain the Durham food economy that she has lovingly committed to. 

About the Company

Double M is a nut-butter, granola, and snack mix company which began production in March 2015 out of The Cookery in Durham – a local food incubator.

Product sales began at the Cary Farmer’s Market and the Duke Farmer’s Market, and later entered the retail space through the Durham Co-op Market. Double M is a model for sustainable and local business growth, as it has gone from The Cookery, to a certified home kitchen, and plans to eventually move to a production space in Durham.

The Owner:

Mary Moyer is Double M’s owner, baker, entrepreneur, and one-woman show. She was a self-taught cook until she went to culinary school “on a whim,” and later named her company after the other self-taught cooks in her family (also named Mary). After a year of commuting from Cary to The Cookery and the Duke Farmer’s Market, she moved to Durham, certified her home kitchen with the Department of Agriculture, and has become an energetic and influential spark within of the Durham food community. She is motivated to transition from her certified home kitchen to a separate brick-and-mortar space, so her family can get another dog (certified home kitchens are sadly, but logically, prevented from having any pets).

The Sustainability:

Double M is truly a local Durham company. Mary limits shipping and transportation by producing within her own home, selling primarily within the Durham community and North Carolina, and she intends to keep it that way. Ingredients are sourced locally when possible, such as North Carolina sweet potatoes and local canola oil from Eastern Carolina Organics (ECO) and NC Peanuts. When the ingredients are not local, they are regional and sustainable. Vegan sorghum syrup is sourced from Muddy Pond Sorghum Mill, which is squeezed from sorghum cane by a horse-powered mill in Tennessee. Certain necessary ingredients cannot be found locally, such as oats, which are only grown in the Midwest and Canada, and are sourced as responsibly as possible. The investment in ensuring Double M’s products have the best ingredients is clear in Mary’s focus on constructing her recipes. She designed her initial recipes from Fall of 2013 until March of 2015. Mary’s recipes are delicious and healthy, with high protein and fiber, and holistic nutritional value.

Mary also composts with Compost Now and is whole-heartedly engaged with the Durham food community. She is hyper-aware of new Durham food businesses, and actively engaged in building connections within the network. Mary connects with and helps other Durham food entrepreneurs because she believes in the system’s ability to build upon itself and create a thriving local food economy.