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Our Baked Goods and Nut Butters

Double M baked goods are crafted with love and made with the highest quality ingredients, including organic and North Carolina-grown products whenever possible. From the hand-roasted and ground nut butters to the selection of dried fruits, grains, nuts and spices, every flavor of Double M Craft Granola boasts a perfect mix of texture, healthful ingredients, and taste! Our Nut Butters were ground as ingredients for the Granolas from the beginning to insure taste and quality control, so their birth as the next product line was a no-brainer.

Where To Find Us

Get your hands on some Granola and/or Nut Butter goodness at these locations, or order online.


Our Story

After graduating with a Culinary Arts degree a few years ago, I started playing around with a Granola Recipe. (One thing I did NOT learn in school! ) I gave it away with abandon to friends, asking only for critiques. The results were positive - they loved it and Double M Bake Shop was born! Our name is a tribute to some of the women in my life who were wonderful bakers and cooks—Mary M. Crowe, my Grandmother and namesake, Mary Moyer, my Mother-in-law, and Ellie Crowe, My Mom and Kitchen Guru. Double M Bake Shop overflows with family inspiration. Read More...

Contact Us

Contact us with questions, feedback, or to order some Granola and/or Nut Butter. We'd love to hear from you.