Nut Butter Flight - 3 Pack

Nut Butter Flight - 3 Pack


Cacao Almond Butter, Peanut Butter, and Almond Butter - Three, 3.5oz jars. Comes in stand up Cello Bag with Ribbon!

Almond Butter is such a versatile Nut Butter! Spread on toast & crackers, mix into vanilla ice cream or yogurt, or add as a great protein boost in your smoothie, just to name a few. We buy our almonds directly from a grove in Southern California, that has been in the same family for generations. Almonds are naturally sweet. Only a touch of Honey and Sea Salt is added so the Almond goodness can speak for itself. The Cacao Almond Butter is even more indulgent!

Our Peanut Butter uses peanuts grown right here in North Carolina. We buy them from a female-owned peanut farm. In fact, our relationship is such that we meet at a Bojangles parking lot near RDU airport for the hand-off. We roast them ourselves, grind the nuts, add organic coconut oil, honey and sea salt. Simple and delicious!

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